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          1. 0537-2222255jiuer-export@jesyjt.com
            No.12 Industrial Park, Jining High-Tech. Zone, Shandong, China


            • Epidemic products
            • Jiuer core products

            About Us

            Founded in 2008, Shandong jiuer industrial group is a high-tech large-scale enterprise integrating research, production and sales of medical devices, disinfection products, ultrasound consumables and bio genetic engineering technology products. With an investment of 320 million yuan, the company has R & D center, production base, sales and operation company and after-sales service center. Jiuer industrial group has nine wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shandong jiuer Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shanghai jiuer medical device Co., Ltd., jiuer group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd., Shandong lejin medical device Co., Ltd. More