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        No.12 Industrial Park, Jining High-Tech. Zone, Shandong, China
        Disposable operating clothes

        Disposable operating clothes

        Product Name Medical cold compress Model and Specification 3.0cmX3.0cm,4.0cmX11.0cm,4.5cmX7.0cm,5.0cmX5.0cm,5.0cmX7.0cm,5.0cmX20.0cm,7.0cmX10.0Cm,8.0cmX12.0cm,8.0cmX18.5cm,9.0CMX11.0cm,9.5cmX13.0cm,10.0cmX13.0cm,10.0cmX14.0cm,10.5cmX13.5cm

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        product name
        disposable operating clothes
        model and specification
        model: ﹥ ordinary type, ﹥ reinforced type
        Specification: s, + m, + L, + XL, + XXL
        Scope of application: it can be worn by the operating personnel to reduce the spread of infection source to the surgical wound surface of the patient to prevent postoperative wound infection; the operating clothes which can prevent the liquid from passing through can also reduce the risk of the infection source carried in the blood or body fluid from spreading to the operating personnel.
        matters needing attention:
        1. The product is aseptic packaging, and it is forbidden to damage the package.
        2. The product is disposable and can only be used within the period of validity. It should be destroyed in time after use.
        3. The product users are trained and qualified medical personnel.
        1. Take out the operating clothes, lift both ends of the collar with both hands and shake them forward and upward, and insert both hands into the sleeve.
        2. Extend hands forward, stretch out the sleeves, and the itinerant nurse helps to lift and fasten the clothes from behind.
        3. Wear sterile gloves.
        4. Lift the belt to be picked up by the instrument nurse or by a mobile nurse with sterile holding forceps.
        5. Wrap the belt from behind the operator to the front.
        6. The surgeon should tie the belt in front of the waist and keep the belt sterile so that the back of the operator is covered by sterile surgical clothes.
        Term of validity: three years (obtained by accelerated aging test)